Sports Fans

A Growing Landscape for all Your Sports Info

Who are we?

We're a group of friends and colleagues who love sports in all its formats. From the NFL to e-sports, and every niche in between.

We're building a place chat, exchange news and tips; recruit fantasy players, trash talk; and get wagering info and recommendations.

We're using the Mastondon social network as our forum. Sign up and join in the fun!

The Future?

Who knows? We want to get as many involved in our passion as possible, and who knows where sports will go?

With augmented reality, virtual reality, live streaming and who knows what other technologies and innovations to come, hopefully we can be a part or influencer of it all!

General questions
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Mastodon is a distributed social/micro blogging network. Think Twitter, but without just one owner. It allows anyone to make an community of their own, while still interacting with others.
Using Mastodon
Posts, or as they are known in Mastodon, toots, can be up to 500 characters in length.
Yes, ensuring they follow community guidlines. Do not post pornography or images of a violent nature or anything that is of an illegal nature.
Click their name to access their profile. From there you'll see an icon with a + sign to add them.
When creating a post, you'll see a CW icon below your input area. Clicking it will allow you to add a "Content Warning" to your post. Users will only see the label, unless they click to show the remaining content.
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There are four different timelines. They are:
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  • Local: Posts from everyone on your server.
  • Federated: Posts from everyone that everyone on your server follows/interacts with..